Introducing Kubity PRO

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Kubity launches Kubity PRO – a better, faster and more personal way to communicate in 3D!Kubity PRO is a SketchUp and Revit plugin, available for download in SketchUp Extension Warehouse.

At the same time, we can say goodbye to the Kubity desktop app. This means users will no longer need to download software to install Kubity. Instead, the 3D models are automatically synced to mobile devices with a single click in the plugin.

What do you need?

1 plugin: Kubity PRO for SketchUp (or Revit)
1 mobile app: Kubity Go for iPhone and Android, which automatically synchronizes exported your models from desktop to smartphone
3 companion apps: for AR, VR and screen mirroring (find them in App Store for iPhone/iPad and in Google Play for Android)

How to begin?

Download and install Kubity PRO plugin for SketchUp (or Revit).
Once you have installed the plugin, connect it to your mobile device by scanning a QR code with the Kubity Go app.
When a device is connected, all 3D models exported from the plugin will automatically sync to the device.

Desktop users

Were you previously a user of the Kubity desktop app? No need to worry, your models are already waiting for you. Just download your chosen plugin and follow the instructions to connect to your smartphone.

All previous Kubity features remain the same, except the way to export your models. You can still export an unlimited amount of models, share your models unlimited times, and you can still screen mirror the models and quickly be ready for AR/VR reality. Anytime, anywhere and on any screen.

Try out Kubity PRO

Click here for a 14 days free trial!

Do you want to buy Kubity PRO? Contact your nearest reseller.

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